The Missoula Education Foundation is committed to enhancing student success in the Missoula County Public School system.

The application period for 2022-2023 is open! Please see below for information on how to apply.


In 2011, the Missoula Education Foundation established an endowment to fund the Beyond Graduation Scholarship Program. Through the Beyond Graduation Endowed Fund and MEF annual fundraising efforts, MEF will award scholarships to students who were at one time identified as at risk for graduation but who persevered and now seek post-secondary education in Montana. We accept scholarship applications for all eligible applicants: any graduating MCPS high school senior who will be attending an in-state college or university beginning in Fall, 2022.

You may mail your application to:

Missoula Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1775
Missoula, MT 59806

With your help, we can deliver on our mission to enhance educational opportunities in our public schools by promoting community investment in Missoula’s most vital resource, our children.